Brooks's Statistics
Languages:German French English
Height:5ft 8in - 172cm
Hair Colour:Blonde
Availability:Evenings & Advance Days
Location:London Kent Essex

About Brooks
I'm a very passionate woman, I love the intimacy of touch - that is when I am at my best and blossom.
I can be your experienced and confident playmate. I love to meet all types of people I can be outgoing at the same time understanding I can perfectly adapt to shyer more reserved personalities and I have endless patience, my aim will be to give you the best time ever.

I also offer sensual body massage - full blown like you have never experienced before..
I have travelled the world, l speak 3 languages - French, German, English.

Brooks's Rates
1 Hour160£130 -£160

Brooks 's Reviews

Brooks was utterly charming and a little bit naughty!
Made by Nigel - 21st May 2019

Brooks was a pleasure to be with, sexy, fun and charming.
Made by Steve - 20th May 2019

Brooks is a geniunely lovely lady. We had a great time together and I will be seeing her again in the near future.
Made by Paddy - 10th Apr 2019

The most attentive and passionate lady I've had the pleasure of meeting. Sexually wonderful and a joy to converse with I highly recommend an evening with Brooks. Almost 20 years older than myself and better than any younger lady I've been with. Have to hold myself back from calling her services every night lol.
Made by Darren - 6th Apr 2019

Legs all the way to heaven, what more do I need to say!!
Made by Ryan - 3rd Apr 2019

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